The Perfect Nose

  • March 25, 2016
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The perfect nose for your face

The perfect nose will vary greatly depending whether it’s for a man or woman. But before running off to a doctor to get your perfect nose, bear in mind that the Asian nose will also be strikingly different from that of an ang moh’s nose. Especially for us here in Singapore, if you get a nose that’s too perfect by Caucasian beauty standards, it can and will make you look very plastic and unnatural.

The key to a good nose job is not for it to look perfect. But simply look perfect for your face. With that in mind, let’s explore what constitutes a nice nose.

As mentioned earlier, a nice nose for a male will be very different from what is seen as a nice nose for a female. This is due to the fact that some features will make you look a lot more masculine, while others look feminine.

When we talk about nice noses in Singapore, we always think of Andy Lau (since there’s no local Singaporean actor known for a perfect nose anyway). Let’s compare this to a female celeb we’re all familiar with, Zoe Tay. We’re going to place their profile shots side by side, to clearly illustrate the difference between a strong, masculine nose and a defined but feminine one.

andy nose shapezoe-tay nose shape

Notice that although both of them have very straight and thin noses, their nose tips vary quite considerably?

Types of noses

Andy’s nose tip is pointed straight ahead, or even slightly downwards, while our Ah Jie’s tip is very slightly upturned. Imagine Zoe Tay with Andy Lau’s nose. That probably looks frightening and she wouldn’t look as feminine and attractive anymore, right? There was even a study done to show that the perfect female nose tip is upturned to an angle of between 95 degrees to 110 degrees (with 90 degrees being pointed straight forward).

Apart from the tip, a higher nose bridge is also seen as a more masculine feature and men can get away with higher bridges than women. With that in mind, Singaporean ladies should be very careful about getting their nose bridges made too high, or it would make them look too masculine to be attractive!

So now that we know what a nice nose looks like, what are some of the options we have to achieve it? Read our next article to learn more.

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