Rhinoplasty in Singapore

  • March 30, 2016
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Most people will think nose jobs in Singapore involve just an implant and you’d walk out with a nice, straight nose.

Unfortunately, real life isn’t that simple. Singapore rhinoplasty is not as straightforward as double eyelid surgery. It requires much more planning and a few extra steps. 3 different procedures make up a complete rhinoplasty. Here they are:

Bridge Implant

nose bridge implant

side effect nose implant

This is the one most people know about. An implant will be inserted into your nose. The surgeon usually makes a small incision at the bottom of your nose and pushes the implant in. The implant will then give your entire nose bridge extra height and a straight shape.

The implant itself will also have different hardness and height. As mentioned before, men can get away with higher nose bridges than women, so be very careful about choosing too high nose bridge when doing your rhinoplasty in Singapore.

Tip Sharpening

nose reshaping

This is the 2nd and probably most important part in a proper rhinoplasty.

If you do only a nose implant, you will get a higher bridge but not a sharp nose. Imagine a high bridge without a triangle shaped nose from the side! You will actually start to look like a parrot and be much uglier than before!!!

The solution so this is to combine your nose implant with proper tip sharpening.

There is no implant that can be used to sharpen the tip. What the surgeon will do here, is to take cartilage from your own body to sharpen the tip. Usually, surgeons will choose to use cartilage from your ear. Be careful not to overdo this though, or you might just end up with an oversized nose like Hong Kong actress Tavia Yeung.


Width Correction

nose width correction

The final secret to having the perfect rhinoplasty in Singapore is to reduce the width of your nose.

Of course, this final part totally depends on your original nose to begin with. Not everyone will need it, but us Singaporeans mostly have rather broad noses at the base. The key is for the finished nose to look natural and a suitable size when compared to other features on your face.

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