All we should know about rhinoplasty

  • November 07, 2018
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Preparation for rhinoplasty surgery

Nose is the centre of the face and the most important part of it. If the nose if not balanced with the face, the person will look ugly and his face will look clumsy. So the slightest change made in the shape of the nose with the help of rhinoplasty, give ostentatious results and intensify the facial beauty. After the rhinoplasty, with the beneficial change in appearance, a person feels self-possessed and his self-esteem gets a healthy boost.

Nose surgical operation is as prominent as a Sculpting task. It has to be done with extreme care. Performing a flawless rhinoplasty is a complex task and undesired results are not rare. Many patients have to bear revision rhinoplasty, or maybe several revisions, in order to correct the blunders done during the former rhinoplasty. Although, hundred percent satisfaction of the patient is never accomplished, selecting a qualified and high calibre surgeon, may help you to shape your nose in the way you want.

Before going for a rhinoplasty surgery, the most significant step is to recognize what changes you want in your nose. You should consider what alteration you want in the dimension of your nose, like width, size etc.

If there any bump on your face, would you like that bump to be detached or not would you like your nose profile to be excavated or straighter? You will have to make a quick-witted arbitration about the tip of your nose and the profile of nostrils. Your satisfaction level, after the surgery, pivots on the factor the how specific you are about the alteration, you require in your nose.

After all this procedure, the surgeon will decide the course of action that they will follow for your rhinoplasty surgery. They will try their level best to give you acceptable results.

Male and female rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has become the second most popular cosmetic surgery operation, after Liposuction, opted by both men and women. Earlier, when rhinoplasty was discovered, a number of women opting for nose rhinoplasty was high as compared to male patients. But, with the attraction toward the results after rhinoplasty operation, more and more males are getting attracted toward the nasal surgery.
It is true that in order to achieve success in the present world, one should be physically attractive. This is true for both male and female, no matter what gender you are you should have a perfect nose. This attractive physical appearance can open closed doors of new venues of employment. As we know that nose plays an important role in one’s physical appearance. So, if the nose is deformed, the person will look awkward and unattractive. Hence, to increase the facial beauty, male rhinoplasty is gaining importance.

The reason for which men undergo nose rhinoplasty might be different from that of female opting for it. But both of them just want one end result, i.e. improvement in facial features. If the nose of a person is big, then this bulky nose will totally spoil his or her facial charm and beauty. He or she will feel under confident and can’t enjoy his or her life. So, with rhinoplasty, this deformity can be removed. In some cases, rhinoplasty is performed to correct any structural abnormality that affects the normal breathing of a person, of it is performed after a serious mishap.
The procedure for male rhinoplasty and female rhinoplasty is the same. The distinction lies in the changes that a woman wants and alterations that a man wants. Men and women have totally different nose angles and nose profile. In order to achieve a balanced look, an intelligent procedure should be followed by the surgeon.

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Myths about rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries known. In this, you can shape your nose in the profile you want. There are many misconceptions regarding the nose rhinoplasty operation. Here are few myths and the right concept behind them.

No 1. You can shape your nose into any form and size you want.

With the help of rhinoplasty, you can change the shape of your nose. But there are certain limitations. The output or outcome after rhinoplasty operation depends on many factors like your bone structure, the amount of tissue you have in your nose and many more. Your plastic surgeon will surely tell you, before rhinoplasty operation, that what they can achieve from it.

No 2. Rhinoplasty leaves no scars.

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure. It involves making incisions on your nose. In no case, this surgery is without scars. However, a skilled and experienced surgeon might be successful in hiding your scars. Any scaring left after rhinoplasty is usually invisible.

No 3. Only women opt nose rhinoplasty.

It is a true fact that the ratio of women rhinoplasty to male rhinoplasty operation is high. But nowadays, more and more men are getting attracted to the results of a rhinoplasty. And hence, the above ratio will one day become 1. Nowadays, the second most common cosmetic surgery opted by men is rhinoplasty.

No 4. Rhinoplasty involves a painful procedure.

In reality, you will face minute pain during a rhinoplasty operation. It is true that you will have to face swelling after rhinoplasty operation. But that will go away after a few weeks. There is very little discomfort that you will have to face during and after rhinoplasty operation.

Rhinoplasty basic and complexity involved

There are many complexities associated with nasal surgery or rhinoplasty. Even the most skilled cosmetic surgeon can’t produce perfect results. One wrong step was taken during the nasal surgery or after rhinoplasty, and you will face breathing problems for the rest of your life. So, before going for nasal surgery, it is important that we should know the basics of nose rhinoplasty.

One of the most important things you should know is that it is rare that the patient, or the person opting for nasal surgery, is hundred per cent satisfied by the outcome of the operation. The rate of dissatisfaction is much higher in case of rhinoplasty, as compared to other plastic surgery operations.

You can’t just bring a photograph of a celebrity, or someone else, before rhinoplasty operation and command the surgeon to recreate your nose in this shape or the other. This thing is totally impossible because of personal limitations and mismatch of the features.

One of the toughest challenges that a surgeon faces, is a shallow or weak bridge. Now, in order to solve this problem, a new bridge has to be constructed, either from the nasal tissue transplant or from the existing nasal tissues. There are many limitations to this type of procedure to be successful.

But, this is just one side of the rhinoplasty. With the help of rhinoplasty, a large bump on the bridge can easily be removed, and thus, creating a smooth and clear appearance. With the help of rhinoplasty, we can convert a drooping curve of the nose into a more upturned one.

Research is being made by the scientist all over the world to increase the success rate of rhinoplasty. New techniques are being developed to carve your nose in the profile you want.

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Open and close rhinoplasty

Nose is the centre part of the face. If your nose a bit deformed one and have a profile that doesn’t suit your face, then you will surely feel under-confident. There is no way that you can hide your nose. But there is one solution. You can opt for rhinoplasty and give the desired shape to your nose. There are two types of rhinoplasty- open procedure and closed procedure rhinoplasty.

In open procedure of rhinoplasty, incisions are made only on the outer part of the nose, i.e. under column Ella. This column Ella is the part that divides the two nostrils. The incisions that are made are small and they do not leave a scar on the nose.

In the closed procedure of nose rhinoplasty, as it is clear from the name, the cuts and the incisions are made on the inner part of the nose. The incisions are made in the area you want to be fixed. In this procedure, there are no risks of visible scars or complications.

Then the question arises, why does open rhinoplasty exist? Why everyone does not opt for a closed procedure. Actually, there are some limitations of the closed rhinoplasty operation. There are certain situations when you have to opt for open rhinoplasty operations.

If you are not satisfied with the results of rhinoplasty, you have the option to go for another rhinoplasty, i.e. revision rhinoplasty. In that case, open rhinoplasty is a better option. It is because of the fact that in revision rhinoplasty if the surgeon opts for an open rhinoplasty procedure, he has a better vision of the area to be operated.

So, both open and closed rhinoplasty techniques have their importance

Scars from rhinoplasty

When people want to change the profile of their nose, they opt for rhinoplasty, i.e. Cosmetic surgery done to change the profile of their nose. When it comes to rhinoplasty, the surgeon has two options. Either he can opt for closed operation, or he can opt for open nose rhinoplasty. Out of these two, it is the closed operation that operates on the inner parts of the nose and leaves no visible scars. But, there are certain limitations. We can’t always opt for closed rhinoplasty.

You should be aware of the fact, in rhinoplasty; incisions are made right onto the skin of the person, opting for it. So in no case, you can avoid scars. But this whole scarring procedure depends on the quality of incisions make onto the skin. There is a possibility that the scar on the skin, made after rhinoplasty operation, can heal and disappear with time. In open rhinoplasty operation, an incision is made right onto the skins. So as a result, scar looks like a fine line. This scar is hardly visible and might fade out with time. Another option is to choose a non-surgical nose job.

So, if you are more concerned about scars after a rhinoplasty operation, you should choose the best cosmetic surgeon you can afford and is available in the town, before rhinoplasty operation. The surgeon should be expert and well known for nose rhinoplasty surgery. The plastic surgeon will explain you clearly the outcomes of the rhinoplasty operation. He will tell you the complexity involved. He will explain to you what they can achieve from your expectations from a rhinoplasty operation.

So, try to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon available and experience a clean and clear cosmetic operation.

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