16 celebs who have had a rhinoplasty aka a nose job

  • September 07, 2017
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There are many reasons one would get a rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. These reasons range from medical to cosmetic and there is nothing wrong with going under the knife. Celebrities and us regular people have more in common than we think, especially in the area of surgical procedures. Here are 16 celebrities who may or may not have had a nose job done in search of the perfect nose.

1. Ashley Tisdale

Breakout star of Disney Channel’s High School Musical franchise has been very open about her surgery. The procedure happened in 2007 as a medical procedure to correct a deviated septum that left her unable to breathe and caused her to collapse backstage.

 Ashley Tisdale rhinoplasty

2. Scarlett Johansson

There have been several reports that the star has gone under the knife but the actress has vehemently denied getting any work done. She has even gone as far as to threaten legal action against those perpetuating the rumours, specifically the US Weekly magazine.

 Scarlett Johansson rhinoplasty


3. Ferne McCann

She currently works as a reporter and has explained to her colleagues why she chose to go under the knife. She revealed that she had confidence issues when she looked at herself in the mirror, her confidence was “knocked” when she looked at her nose.

Ferne McCann rhinoplasty


4. Charlotte Crosby

The reality star went on the show Loose Women and defended her choice to go under the knife to straighten the arch of her nose. She revealed that despite going to gym and working out hard, she had botox, lip fillers and a nose job done. Her reason for the procedures being that while she was bubbly, she never felt confident and would often cry in her dressing room.

Charlotte Crosby rhinoplasty

5. Chloe Madeley

Known for speaking her mind, she took to Instagram to confirm that the rumours of her getting a nose job were in fact true. She got it done for surgical purposes; to correct the shape of it as she had broken it twice.

Chloe Madeley rhinoplasty

6. Lauren Pope

The DJ had gone under the knife to get matching nose jobs with her then-boyfriend Kirk Norcross and correct the bump on her nose. Despite warnings that her nose could collapse, she is looking to get more procedures done.

Lauren Pope rhinoplasty


7. Kirk Norcross

The nightclub owner had a nose job done to match his then girlfriend, Lauren Pope. He wanted his nose to be smaller and to get it fixed as he had broken it in a boxing match.

Kirk Norcross rhinoplasty


8. Rebecca Adlington


The four-time olympicmedalist is no stranger to the spotlight, especially when rumours started swirling about her going under the knife. Many online sites had trolls comparing her face to a dolphin or just saying she was not pretty enough. In response, she had surgery done to make her nose smaller and have a bump removed.

 Rebecca Adlington rhinoplasty


9. Michael Jackson

The performing legend has reportedly undergone several procedures of varying degrees and purposes. His first alleged rhinoplasty happened after he apparently broke his nose in 1979 while doing a complex dance routine.

Michael Jackson rhinoplasty


10. Dianna Argon

The Glee star has openly revealed that she had two nose jobs done to correct damage that was the result of a broken nose. The first procedure occurred when she was in high school and the second procedure happened while she was touring with Glee. The nose was broken both times.

Dianna Argon rhinoplasty


11. Heidi Montag

Star of The Hills revealed that she had undergone ten different surgeries in one day. The areas that were worked on include the nose, breasts, chin and back.

Heidi Montag rhinoplasty



12. Cameron Diaz

In her book, the actress revealed the extent of her surgical procedures. One of them was a rhinoplasty that was aimed at fixing her breathing issues and deviated septum. Other procedures done included botox and an alleged breast augmentation.

 Cameron Diaz rhinoplasty


13. Jennifer Grey

Known as ‘Baby’ from the iconic movie Dirty Dancing, she was unrecognisable and unknown after undergoing a nose job. She regrets going under the knife as she went in a celebrity but came out a stranger. Her story is a reminder of how even the slightest tweaks can have a dramatic effect.

Jennifer Grey rhinoplasty

14. Ashlee Simpson

In the year 2006, she was confirmed to have had a rhinoplasty by her father. The reason for the procedure was breathing issues, not for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes.
Ashlee Simpson rhinoplasty


15. Melissa Gorga

During filming for a reality show, the star of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey was heavily criticised by her cast for potentially having a nose job done. Despite several attempts at denial, she finally came clean and admitted to having gone under the knife. She plans on keeping this fact a secret from her children as she feels this was a very personal decision and it is her story to tell when she is ready to share it.
Melissa Gorga rhinoplasty


16. Joan Rivers

The TV personality had undergone several surgical procedures prior to her death. These include nose jobs, liposuction, eye surgery, botox injections and a couple of facelifts.

Joan Rivers rhinoplasty

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